Day 18 on the AGE pill with double doses for this first month. Continued improved mental clarity and focus. Also noticed a vast improvement in symptoms from my anxiety with a noticeable calming influence. BIG bonus.
Still sleeping very soundly and it’s unknown what positive residual health effects come from that. But when I am up I am very energetic, not a hyperactive caffeine type of energy. Just a consistent level of high energy throughout the day, but when it’s time to go to bed, I SLEEP without waking until morning. All of those lovely little aches and pains that come from aging have been eliminated. Nice!! I plan on ratcheting back to normal doses after the first month is up. I see no reason to continue doubling up after then. While my results are far less dramatic than some folks with far more serious health issues have reported, my positives are substantial enough to warrant continued usage. All in all. a big thumbs up!!
Don S.

Now I have Sisel in my life and the old devil lupus has taken a back seat. Thanks to the Mowers I have a body that’s restoring and feeling younger and stronger every day. The A.G.E. pill is absolutely awesome. Well, all the products I use from Sisel are awesome!
Ginger G.

THE AGE PILL is making new hair growth, no more balding or spots, my hair is turning jet black with gray disappearing. Wrinkles on hand and arms gone, with smoother skin. Age spots disappearing on hands and face. Better blood flow circulation. Nails grew 3 times in length and strength. No more joint pain in my knees, shoulder, and neck from sports injuries from 25 years ago. More energy, better clarity, better smell, better breathing, better vision, better hearing, colors are more vivid and clearer, sleeping better, sleeping deeper, prostate way better, better focus, I feel euphoric, I feel light and energetic, I feel happier, I feel relaxed, it has increased my performance on workouts in stamina, strength, endurance, reps, and range of motion. Faster recovery. I also have lost 5 pounds of fat and gained muscle and TONE! This is my results from 14 days! NOW THAT IS RESULTS!
Robert S.

A.G.E. pill… Wow… I keep saying wow with this pill. Day 18 and everything is awesome. Talk about getting the rubbish out…talk about ENERGY… about MENTAL CLARITY and the eyes of an eagle….talk about feeling like a TEEN excited about each new day…talk about SLEEP SO WELL….talk about LOSING WEIGHT…I am now unbelievably down to pre-childbirth weight which is amazing. My body has reshaped, I have a sexy waist I haven’t seen for over 25yrs. I have muscle tone..If I was brave I’d post a pic in a bikini! Thanks, Tom and your team for this new zest in life…
Jayne F

These are the changes I have experienced after taking the AGE PILL for only two weeks. I am so excited. Life just keeps getting better. I would recommend this to everyone. I am 65 and really do feel like I am in my 20’s.
Smoother skin, less wrinkles, chronic back pain for 3 years gone, stand up straighter, lost 5 pounds, hair and nails growing longer, sleep better, more energy, can walk for 3 hours without stopping, happy, moods are even, better sense of humor, senses sight, sound, hearing, smelling tasting heightened, Enjoying life more. More present in my body. Clearer thinking. Organs feel like they are healing. No more acid reflux. Age spots are disappearing. Overall feeling of well being. This is truly a Godsend. Thank you Sisel. Love to all,
Christine G.

I have been taking the A.G.E. Pill 90 Days! WOW! This stuff is crazy good! I have energy all day long, a clear mind, (like I feel calm), softer firmer skin, a lack of hormonal swings, noticed that my eyebrows and eyelashes are thicker and my hair is growing faster, an even tone to my skin, felt rested even without a great nights sleep, skin abrasions heal overnight, noticed that my heart doesn’t pound even after running for a while, lost weight but feel stronger, plus there is more…This is living…The kids just laugh at me when they catch me dancing as I work!
Elizabeth C.

My siblings and I have been caring for my now 90-year-old mom who over the last few years had been showing signs of dementia but getting much worse in the last 6 months or so. I had her condition in mind when I ordered this amazing supplement. She has only been on the full 6 pill regimen for about 2 and a half weeks. This morning when I had called her to breakfast, about a half hour giving her the A.G.E pills and without provocation, she said ” the food I think is very good, but the vitamins you are giving me are making me feel very strong, I feel like my head is more together, they are making me feel very good! My hip (which was replaced over a year ago) is feeling stronger too. She then went on to tell me that when she was at my sister’s she was able to walk up the stairs to her home “just like that!”. Each time I gave her the three pills I told her I was giving her vitamins that I hoped would bring her back to normal mentally but never mentioned the physical benefits she may experience. This is so phenomenal because of late it was hard to have a conversation or one that made any sense but the last one that made an impression was when she told me that she was just existing not really living and wondered if I agreed. We still have our challenges but am so impressed with the progress we are making! P.S. My mom will not stop talking about this! Now she is telling me that even her eyesight and hearing are getting better!!

I am praising God and just wanted to share this with my friends! Eight years ago this coming spring my oldest daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, this has changed our view on health and living in many ways.
As a parent, I come away from the hospital with a drive to help her live a better life. So I started to study absolutely everything about diabetes and what could help with health, what works to boost the immune system and so much more. It has paid off a million times over!!! Tara has had the flu twice in eight years, and an average of one week per year with a cold. She has absolutely no diabetic retinopathy, no nerve pain, no scar tissue from the needles. She has never crashed again from the onset and she has been sensitive to the lows so that she has never needed medical help for that either. Her Endocrinologist tells her all the time that she is not normal for someone with this autoimmune disease! Two years ago her Endocrinologists told her that she was borderline with having Hashimoto Thyroiditis, (another autoimmune disorder) and that we would watch it and see if we could control it with natural products before using a synthetic medication. (She had looked at the Sisel products and was so impressed that she also started to use them.) Tara’s TSH had held steady at 5.92 to 5.23 from that time. Six months ago we all added the A.G.E. Pill to what we were already taking, Tara started on 3 mornings 3 night, and now her TSH is down to 3.32 IT IS IN THE NORMAL RANGE!!!  Praise the Lord!!!  I know that God answered my prayers when He led us to find Sisel International!

Having had chronic lower back pain for 30 years. It was the main reason I had to give up playing A Grade Squash after 23 years of pounding that little black ball 4 times a week for 2 hrs at a time. I’ve been on the SISEL ‘AGE PILL’ for 5 months & 3 weeks. Today i did 2 hours of Gardening and I have no pain.. first time ever in 30 years that’s happened

I started taking A.G.E. pill and Fucoydan on Feb. 12th. Within days I saw a significant improvement in my breathing. I have C.O.P.D. and my breathing has not been this good in at least 10 years. No cough, no wheeze, no whistle, no constant clearing my throat. I can bring a basket of laundry up 2 flights of stairs without stopping. I am blown away by this improvement. My husband and I are both sleeping so deeply every night, we are thrilled. We have also noticed that his arthritic knee has zero pain in the last few weeks and he has not needed to wear his knee brace at all. My lower back pain is also gone.


This is just completely scary! However, I’ve personally had a similar experience. I’ve been in “stage 4 CKD” for a few years and didn’t even know it. Two years ago my enlarged prostate caused such an extreme urinary blockage that I received prostate surgery. The surgery was successful & biopsies were benign. But, as part of post surgery follow up I began seeing a nephrologist who said that the kidneys had been contaminated too long with backed up urine & there was no option other than dialysis. I refused to go on dialysis. I began doing my own research for another option. My GFR at that time was 21.8. About that time The AGE Pill was being released.
I’ve been double dosing on it since Tom first released it. Last week my lab results indicated a GFR of 36.4 (an improvement of 66.5% in kidney function). Needless to say, I’m elated ! I respect my nephrologist, however, he seems to be too caught up in the routine of his practice to stay up to date on current R&D. From being told that kidney disease at the level of a year was incurable,,, to currently being well over half way back to healthy kidney function levels is the “realization” of “Taking Back Your Life” ! 
GOD Bless You, Tom Mower.


I have suffered from Cerebral Palsy from birth. In the last few years, I have been reading that adult stem cells have reversed Cerebral Palsy. I checked into the process and it was over my budget. Then about two months ago a friend who is an RN told me about the AGE pill. I was skeptical, but I thought it was something worth trying. Well! I call the pill “MY MIRACLE Of GOD’s HEALING POWER.” It is supposed to regenerate adult stem cells. Am I completely healed.?… No. I have a long way to go… But for the first time in my life, my mouth is dry. I can feel when it is wet. For the first time in my life, I am walking straighter. For the first time in my life, I am reaching for things with my left hand. To God be the Glory! I asked my husband If it was all in my head. He said, “No you are talking and walking better. And you are not as wet to kiss”. My sister at Christmas time said this, “Your hand looks more flexible, what have you been doing? This “MY MIRACLE Of GOD’s HEALING POWER” pill. I will be taking until adult stem cell becomes an option.

I had a chronic problem with dry 👀 eyes for over 12 months .. started the Age Pill and within 2 weeks my eyes improved by 80%. I can’t go without it. They are still slightly dry in mornings but settle as soon as I take the Age Pill. It’s the only thing that’s worked. I can still have a life ..Yay!!

My 93 yr old mother who has macular degeneration and Alzheimers. After 2 or 3 days, my mother, who couldn’t even see television previously, laughed at a visual comedy on t.v. A couple of days later commented on how handsome weatherman was.

The AGE PILL has completely changed my cousin’s 14-year-old son who had glaucoma since the age of 9, he was at a stage of surgery was the only option, his eye pressure was so intense. 3 days after taking the AGE, his eyes got very red, they persevered, a week later his eyes became whiter then they have ever been. Monthly Drs visits have shown that his eyesight is getting better and his pressure readings are going down. Something that Drs said would never happen is happening In front of their eyes. They are ecstatic.

Here I am after 6 months on The A.G.E. Pill. Stronger and better than ever. Able to do things I haven’t done for 10 years. Oh yeah, I’m 73!

Lots of people are asking me what I am taking to accomplish my youthful appearance so I decided to share. I am so astounded by these two particular products because they have made a huge impact on me. They are: 1) The A.G.E.Pill and 2) Transfusium Skin Care. Both are Sisel products which I have represented for the past 6 years. Many products and companies come and go, but not these! They say science doesn’t lie, but then again neither do results. Spectacular age-reversal products.

Fantastic news Tom Mower, we all know how marvelous your formula is.. !! my mother’s silver hair is going dark again, she is forming better sentences and cohesive thought processes after a stroke that left her with aphasia and apraxia. she has come back out of a high care facility into a low care apartment. My life has changed after a brain stem injury and six bulged discs, feel stronger, can pick up my paint brushes again and my lifeforce is returned in leaps and bounds. and that’s just us! there are so many walking talking examples for you to take in your heart when you go to speak.. you have made it real for us already Tom. thank you!
Susie B. WOW!!!!😁😊🙏

Ok 8 days on A.G.E. I have great energy. My legs are stronger (have had knee surgeries and falls) and have barely noticed any pain in my knees and shoulder and my stamina has increased. I feel more motivated. Things I would normally pass over til another time I am jumping into. I am sleeping thru the nite 4 first time in months. Basically, I feel more alive than I have in a long while. My partner who never notices anything says he’s had more energy and his blood pressure is nearly normal for the first time. So its a resounding Yeah from us. I see this as part of my daily regime
Mary K  from Dublin, Ireland

“The A.G.E. pill is here!, and it is doing wonderful powerful things. We have lots of testimonials about this breakthrough, but my personal testimony is that being on it for 2 1/2 weeks, I could tell my eye sight is improving slowly. This is great! That God there is a family like the Mowers who are dedicated to research and development of products that improve our lives. Thanks Tom!

My Mom 11 days on the A.G.E pill- slight increased energy, hair softer, but most of all she says the fine lines are diminishing and her clothes are feeling looser!! Her motivation to do things has really improved!! AGE pill update !! I had a distributor call who has been on the AGE pill for 2 weeks. She was noticing her hair looked different and she realized it’s getting darker. She’s a natural red head and her color had faded with age and silver showing. Now her hair is darkening and even her daughter in law thought she had colored her hair!!! Wow!! Just amazing!!!


I just want people to know that the age pill has helped me so much, I feel better with more energy, people are telling me how good I look and my color looks great! You see I have been fighting cancer for 3 years and just finished radiation treatments that almost killed me! I am now on chemo and pray that the age pill will keep on working! I have taken a lot of stuff in my life but nothing that works like the A.G.E. pill by Sisel!
–Gene R

I just got my cholesterol results yesterday, and they are down 23 points from last year. My TSH levels have come up from a .97 to a 1.24. To me, this is huge! I’ve been taking the A.G.E. Pill for about 4 months now, and have actually slacked off over the last month. But, I’m taking anywhere from 8-12 pills a day. I’ve lost about 15 pounds and continue to lose. My hair is growing again….And even though I’m doing much better, my doctor insists that I take cholesterol lowering medicine… not a chance… I’m sticking with A.G.E. Pill!

My hair is going back to the original color, slowly, but it’s been happening. My energy has been like it’s not been in since I was in high school. I’m going back to the gym. I’ve had more muscle gains than I have since high school. And I don’t even know in high school if I had as much muscle gain as I have since I’ve been on the age pill. And really my mood, my overall mood. Something that Bill Wiley told me when he first told me about himself, he said, “You know, there’s something inside of me that just a getup and get-er-done kind of a thing.” You know, I’ve felt that and really I just thank God for the AGE pill, ’cause it’s really made a major impact on my life. I can tell you about a lot of other people but that’s the most dramatic.


I can’t Thank you Tom Mower Enough for your Dedication to providing Us All/ The World, A What Myself, my Customers and Team ALL keep saying… ” A TRUE ” MIRACLE Pill! ” The A.G.E Pill is Truly LIFE CHANGING For All! Thank you for not only changing My Health but for Providing me a Revolutionary “Life Changing Product that I can now Provide and Help the Rest of the World with! ~Forever Grateful

I feel good. Sleeping really deeply and restfully. Able to stretch like a cat upon waking up every single day. Breath is better upon waking.  Making less abdominal gas. Plenty of energy to be up and active all day long. Feeling full with not that much food.  No leg or ankle cramps at all. Teeth / Mouth / Hair feel so clean. Having meaningful dreams and remembering them.
Aletha Bowen work therapist, Fresno, CA

“Max has come such a long way and improves so much on the Sisel products. Who would have believed it possible?  His rheumatologist says he is so good. Blood has improved so much.  The tests don’t tell a lie.  Doesn’t he look great? 8 months on Sisel.  How fantastic.  Thank you, Tom Mower, as we are so grateful.”
From the desk of Kate Brighton

June 20, 2018 The picture of me on the left at age 65 was taken on April 21, 2017 – two months before The A.G.E. PILL was first introduced by SISEL International. The picture of me on the right was taken on June 9, 2018 – after 10 Months of taking 6 capsules a day of The A.G.E. PILL – and WOW – How much Younger I look! And WOW – I lost the 10 extra pounds I’ve been wanting to lose for years! And WOW I’ve got the Energy and Vitality of a 20-year old and I’ll be turning 67 in August! My eyesight has noticeably improved – I see like an Eagle during the day and like an Owl at night! My brain functionality has also noticeably improved – as I can tell when I drive my car – my thinking is sharper and my awareness and reaction time have improved to the point where I am so much more relaxed and confident behind the wheel – things that worsen with age for everyone else have gotten So Much Better for me thanks to The A.G.E. PILL! – I feel like I’m 20 all over again! What an AMAZING Product!!! Give this product a good 10 months and you too will be Blown Away with the AMAZING Age-Reversing POWER of The A.G.E. PILL!